Hey, I’m Marc ✋

  • I’m working as a Backend Developer and Infrastructure Dude™ for narando.
  • Additionally I’m studying at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences for my Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics.
  • I love working in JavaScript/TypeScript and Node.js with AWS, Hetzner Cloud and bare metal as my go-to hosting solutions.

A file icon labeled "security.txt" with grass around it

Security.txt In The Wild

Recently I’ve stumbled upon an interesting proposal on defining security policies called security.txt. As I’m quite interested in the security scene myself, I wondered how many websites already use a security.txt? What is a security.txt file? The security.txt is a proposed standard to define security policies on websites. It consists of a simple and machine readable format for a text file which should be placed in a well known location....

May 31, 2021 · 5 min